All photos and/or images of the culinary works currently on the site foodrights.it (hereinafter the “Website”) have been sent and approved for publication on the Website by their respective owners (hereinafter the “Chefs”) and constitute material belonging to the Chefs themselves as authors of the culinary works and as holders who have commissioned the relative photographic works.

It is therefore specified that on the culinary works, on the photos and images that represent the culinary works themselves, the owners of the Website and/or any third party do not hold any copyright and it is not the intention of the Website owners to improperly take possession of the culinary works and related photos and/or images of others’ property.

The Chefs were asked – on the basis of specific agreements and relative correspondence – to report the names of the photographers who took the photos on commission of the Chefs themselves in order to recognize their credits on the Website.Therefore, it is the intention of the owners of the Website to always ensure that they do not infringe the copyright (copyright) of any author.

If you find in the Website the publication of photos and/or images in violation of any copyright, please notify via e-mail to (marco.barbone@barbonetassone.it), indicating your data, photos and/or the images of which you declare to be holders and the relative title, so that we can immediately proceed to remove such contents from the Website and/or proceed, in agreement with the legitimate owner, to use such contents by entering the name of the author and/or the ordering client as required by the relevant legislation.

The owners of the Website only hold all the rights of use and economic exploitation of the museum format commissioned by them to the designer Mr. Alessio Zuzolo.

Lastly, it should be noted that this Website can not be considered an editorial product pursuant to law n ° 62 of 7.03.2001 as it is updated without any periodicity, does not represent a newspaper and does not receive public contributions, therefore, there is no obligation of registration.