Lara Norman Arquero

Lara Norman – Arquero, is a young chef hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Ibiza, Spain, embarked on a culinary odyssey that began to flourish during her sojourn in Galicia, where she discovered an indelible connection to nature’s bounties – the exquisite seafood and the freshest produce emblematic of the North of Spain.

Cooking with an infusion of heart and soul, Lara ardently believes that these are the quintessential ingredients for achieving culinary greatness.

Her journey commenced at the age of fourteen, where she learned her craft in humble cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and gelaterias. Fuelled by unyielding curiosity, unwavering discipline, and eyes wide with wonder, she found herself working alongside some of the globe’s most esteemed culinary virtuosos, gracing the kitchens of revered venues such as The Ritz London under the brigade of John Williams, Hide restaurant curated by Ollie Dabbous, and the illustrious two-Michelin starred restaurant of Claude Bosi at Bibendum.

Amidst the tumult of the global pandemic, Lara navigated her culinary path into the realm of private dining, crafting bespoke culinary experiences for patrons spanning the UK and beyond. Collaborating with exceptional talents, including diligent hospitality stars, she birthed ‘Euphoria’, a bespoke events and catering company.

Lara sought to elevate the gastronomic narrative to unprecedented heights. Here, she orchestrated an amalgamation of gastronomy and performance, enlisting the skills of mesmerizing entertainers ranging from circus acrobats to illusionists, magicians, aerialists and more.

Her distinctive ethos revolves around the art of play, weaving a narrative that liberates the inner child of her guests. As a consummate storyteller, she intertwines food with performances in a manner that is truly singular, which allows her to concoct immersive dining experiences that defy convention. Creating her immersive dining supper clubs, ‘The Euphoric Experience’. Where she showcases different concepts and narratives.